About Treow

Treow’s Approach

Treow’s Waldorf inspired approach prepares children for the future by:

  • developing them physically, emotionally, spiritually and academically;
  • instilling in them a love for learning;
  • developing in them confidence and individuality;
  • building in them a resilience to overcome the challenges of our modern age with clarity, confidence and originality.

Treow’s Principles

The principles of Treow are honesty, fairness, transparency and integrity. The holistic view of the Treow is shown in the image below where the tree represents Treow, with roots that draw from heritage, love, the community, and family. Treow attends to the physical, spiritual, emotional, and academic development of the children to produce fruit in the children namely: clarity, individuality, confidence, truth, knowledge, belonging, and integrity.

Treow Waldorf School Principles

Parents are seen to be integral to Treow and are expected to become involved.

Waldorf Education at Treow

The Waldorf approach offers an age-appropriate, experiential, and academically-rigorous methodology to education. Arts are integrated into all academic disciplines to enhance and enrich learning. The intent is to inspire lifelong learning in children and enable them to develop their unique capacities fully.

Education at a Waldorf School aligns with the child’s stages of development.

Stages of childhood


Please refer to the Parents Handbook for more information regarding the curriculum.

Full Time Teachers

All of our full-time teachers are qualified, Waldorf trained and are SACE registered. Each teacher has a paid mentor who each has extensive experience in the Waldorf teaching approach. Teachers have regular meetings with their mentors to ensure appropriate support and guidance is actively received.

Kimberley Stuart

Class Teacher Kim

Our founding class teacher is Kimberley Stuart, who teaches classes 4 to 6, including Afrikaans and Music.

Kimberley Stuart studied towards her B Ed degree in the foundation and intermediate-phase teaching at the Centre For Creative Education in Cape Town. She also obtained her internationally recognized Waldorf teaching certificate in Waldorf education. Once completing her studies, Kimberley left Cape Town to pursue her Waldorf Primary School teaching career in KwaZulu Natal. Kimberley has four years of Waldorf class teaching experience at the Roseway Waldorf School before moving to Treow for 2021.

Kimberley was very involved in music at Roseway, teaching several classes music lessons as well as pioneering and leading the school choir and extramural choirs. Kimberley also helped to pioneer the violin program.

Kimberley is currently studying further to obtain a post-graduate three-year Waldorf, remedial qualification called, ‘The Extra Lesson’ which will enable her to assess and treat children who need extra support both within and outside of Waldorf schools. Kimberley’s interests include singing, where she holds her grade eight Royal Schools singing certificate

In her free time, Kimberley loves spending time with her partner and their fur baby, Harvey. Kimberley is passionate about Waldorf education and is enjoying her new exciting venture at Treow School!

Lindy Scholtz

Class Teacher Lindy

Our Class Teacher for classes 1 to 3 is Lindy Scholtz.

Lindy Scholtz, after years of teaching in places as diverse as Namibia, Gazankulu, France and Taiwan, and being involved in setting up and running small alternative schools in Pietermaritzburg and the Byrne valley, became a Waldorf teacher in 2012, at the Roseway Waldorf School. Here she was a class teacher for four years, and the primary school music teacher for six years. In January 2022 she joined the staff of Treow.

Lindy holds a Masters Degree in Literary Studies from UCT, and a Higher Diploma in Education from UKZN.

Part Time Teachers

Treow draws on the wealth of knowledge and experience in the community to fulfill specific requirements or needs. Our part time teachers are all aligned with the Waldorf approach and are mentored by the full time teachers.

Nobuhle Ndlovu

Zulu Teacher Buhle

Our Zulu teacher is Nobuhle Ndlovu

Nobuhle has been working as an au pair while studying through UNISA. She completed her Higher Certificate in Adult Basic Education in 2019 and is currently studying for her Bachelor of Education in Intermediate Phase Teaching. She has been working with children for over 12 years and is loving teaching the Treow children Zulu second language and Zulu bead work.

Parent and Volunteer Teachers

Parents and family members of children at Treow as well as interested members of the community assist with teaching some of the activities such as:

  • Handwork
  • Woodwork
  • Gardening and farming
  • Water conservation

Treow’s Relationships to Waldorf Schools and Organisations

The teachers, parents and families of the children at Treow have a network of contacts and relationships with teachers, parents and families of various Waldorf Schools, Steiner Schools and Waldorf aligned institutions, some of which are listed below (in alphabetical order).

Treow also has relationships with people within the South African Federation of Waldorf Schools, where our membership application is being processed.