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Waldorf approach to early childhood education

  1. Waldorf Education at Treow

The Waldorf approach offers an age-appropriate, experiential and academically rigorous methodology to education. Arts are integrated into all academic disciplines to enhance and enrich learning. The intent is to inspire lifelong learning in children and enable them to develop their unique capacities fully.It comprises of a holistic education curriculum 

Education at a Waldorf School aligns with the child’s stages of development.

Schooling Stage School Sections Typical Child Age Learning Approach
Early Childhood Play Group and Kindergarten 3 to 6 years to learn by imitation
Elementary education – this is the focus of Treow Primary School, classes 1 to 7 7 to 13 years to learn by imagination
Secondary education High School, classes 8 to 12 14 to 18 years to learn by truth, determination, and judgment

The school’s principles are honesty, fairness, transparency, and integrity, where the parents are seen to be integral to the operation of the school and are expected to become involved and assist in school activities

  • The goals of the school are to prepare the children for the future by
    • Developing them physically, emotionally, spiritually and academically;
    • Instilling in them a love for learning;
    • Developing in them confidence and individuality;
    • Building in them a resilience to overcome the challenges of our modern age with clarity, confidence and originality.





Calendar of events
June 2021

Term dates for 2021:

First term:

1 February-1 April

Second term:

28 April-25 June

Third Term:

20 July-23 September

Fourth term:

11 October-10 December

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